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Boat Handling Jacks

Original Yardarm Boat Handling Jack

OBoat On Yardarm JacksSet Of 4 Includes:

  • 4- Jacks
  • 4- Straight Arms
  • 4- 10" Drop Arms
  • 4- 4" x 18" Contact Pad

Part Numbers:

  • Full Set (4 Jacks): 10-YARDARM
  • Half Set (2 Jacks): 10B-YARDARM
  • Single (1 Jack) 10A-YARDARM

Key Benefits:

  • Work station for bottom repair and cleaning
  • Trailer rolls in or out past jacks, allowing you to take boats on or off trailers easily
  • Jacks have a safety lock allowing boats to be left on jacks indefinitely
  • Jacks can be used on dirt, gravel, black top or cement
  • Jacks can be used anywhere: shop, yard, showroom
  • Lifts boats up to 40,000 lbs. (with 4 jacks)
  • 10 minute boat placement
  • 20" vertical lift (50.8 cm)
  • Lifts big boats right off the transport truck
  • Allows fast and easy trailer to trailer exchange
  • Expedite boat show setup. No waiting for a crane
  • Powder Coat Tough Finish
  • Works down to -25°F


Capacity Each Jack 10,000 lbs 19" Height
Straight Arm (Part # 15)
1st Pin Hole 8,000 lbs (per set of 4) 33"-52"
2nd Pin Hole 16,000 lbs (per set of 4) 33"-52"
3rd Pin Hole 24,000 lbs (per set of 4) 33"-52"
4th Pin Hole 40,000 lbs (per set of 4) 33"-52"
Drop Arms
10" Drop (Part # 12) 10,000 lbs (per set of 4) 23.5"-42.5"
15" Drop (Part # 13) 10,000 lbs (per set of 4) 18.5"-37.5"
20" Drop (Part # 14) 10,000 lbs (per set of 4) 12.5"-31.5"
Big Boat Pads (Contact Pads)
Part # 019 For Boats over 15,000 Lbs.
Shipping Weight Per Set 1425 Lbs.

Jack Clearance DiagramBass Boats / Wide Trailers:

Yardarm Boat Handling Jacks should not be used to lift bass boats or other types of boats where the trailer is wider than the boat. There may not be enough clearance to remove the trailer once the boat is raised. Our jacks feature 12" clearance from the face of the jack to the center of the lifting pads (all arm options).


Boat Handling Jacks Manual

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